Using sub-meters to reduce energy consumption

Sub-meters are additional metering systems that are installed downstream of your main utility meters and offer a range of real time volumetric, power, and energy monitoring that provides granular details and, therefore, identify opportunities to save energy.

Sub-metering installation - Alliance Healthcare

Working with our partners, LCM Ltd, we have recently installed and commissioned a number of sub-meters for Alliance Healthcare at its South Normanton Distribution Centre.

Driven by a concern over rising energy cost and a desire to further understand energy consumption, the new sub-metering system will provide the business with a clear picture of how much energy is being consumed, including the following assets:

  • plant machinery
  • lighting
  • heating
  • refrigeration
  • freezers

Having this kind of submetering energy data provides a baseline from which to create an energy management strategy, monitor ongoing performance, and provide cost reports by asset.

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