Using sub-meters to reduce energy consumption

Sub-meters are additional metering systems that are installed downstream of your main utility meters and offer a range of real time volumetric, power, and energy monitoring that provides granular details and, therefore, identify opportunities to save energy. Sub-metering installation – Alliance Healthcare Working with our partners, LCM Ltd, we have recently installed and commissioned a […]

ESOS or ISO 50001?

Planning and project management

Did you know that businesses with ISO 50001 are automatically ESOS compliant? ESOS compliant businesses will shortly be required to undertake their ESOS 3 site surveys, analysis, and submission with the Environment Agency. While ESOS is compulsory for businesses with over 250 staff, or a turnover in excess of £44 million or balance sheet of […]

For businesses, ESOS should be a key part of the plan to get through the energy crisis

Heavy industry manufacturing

In an energy crisis, it’s the cost saving that should be driving businesses to start ESOS, not compliance The deadline for the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) Phase 3 is on the 5th December, 2023, giving you 16 months to undertake the surveys and complete the submission. There are some really good reasons why you […]