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Large scale heat decarbonisation project completed at over 150 sites

Maple Project Solutions has just completed an ambitious undertaking to complete Heat Decarbonisation surveys on 183 properties within a 3 month period. Engaged by our partners in the project, Hydrock Consultants Ltd, we were tasked with completing the surveys for Worcester and Ribble Valley County Councils on various building types including schools, children’s centres, colleges, and commercial properties.

The surveys will enable the local authorities to complete the application for Salix funding for Heat Decarbonisation Plans (HDP), allowing them to move to renewable energy technology and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels in line with net zero targets.

A complex project

The brief was to complete all surveys within a 3 month period and with 183 buildings of varying natures to assess, this was a complex undertaking. We liaised with the councils and building custodians to both schedule the visits and inform them of the scope and requirements, allowing them to prepare appropriately.

All surveys were completed, and findings reported within the 3 month period set out.

Anticipated outcomes

The HDPs completed as a result of the surveys have set out multiple energy conservation measures at the sites that could allow them to reduce energy consumption by a significant amount.

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