ENEL X – National Grid – Capacity Market Metering

Maple Project Solutions Ltd - Capacity Market BSC CoP Compliance Metering

Maple Project Solutions Ltd has installed over 50 electricity power metering systems to support a range of clients for the Capacity Market Programme through our aggregation partner Enel X

The clients include a range of large manufacturers and universities throughout the UK.

The project is a ‘future proof’ solution to support on site electrical generation systems, contributing to our commitment to reduce carbon emissions by de-centralised power transmission.

Total No of clients metering systems installed = 22 sites
Total Capacity Market Generation asset brought into the programme= 160 MW
Total electrical energy generated = >500 GWh per annum across the UK network
"Maple Project Solutions Ltd has project managed, installed and commissioned revenue grade metering for Enel X since 2017, enabling our customers >100MW participation in the National Grid’s Capacity Market program. The work has always been completed to a very high standard from a technical and health and safety perspective”
John Byrne
Head of Operations UK & Ireland